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Lvivity Team
29.10.2021 Features Lvivity Among the Top Mobile App Development Companies of 2021

For over 8 years, our team has been providing flexible and cost-effective custom software development services to businesses, building long-term customer relationships, enhancing the participation and productivity of our customers…

Lvivity Team

9 Challenges of Enterprise Application Development and How to Overcome Them

The efficient arrangements of key processes and interactions among people are a prerequisite for any company’s successful operation. To achieve these goals, many companies use specialized enterprise-class software solutions. Businesses…

Lvivity Team

Healthcare Data Management: Benefits and Challenges

Healthcare data collection and management are now more important than ever, as, besides traditional personal advice, services like telemedicine, remote health monitoring, and other medical areas based on modern technologies…

Lvivity Team

Introduction to .Net MAUI: a Framework for Building Cross-platform Apps on the Microsoft .NET

New technologies and products are constantly emerging. There is no point in trying to keep up with every single one. However, some of them are exceptionally noteworthy, as they can…

Lvivity Team

Project Discovery Phase in Software Development: Definition, What’s Included and Why you Need it

The discovery phase in software development is the first and required step where specifications are identified and set business goals are analyzed to make an offer for technical implementation, identify…

Volodymyr Fedorychak

Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Definition, Examples and How to Build One

This concept was first defined as part of the lean startup methodology and is popular far beyond Silicon Valley, being increasingly applied in a wide variety of economic areas (entrepreneurship)….

Volodymyr Fedorychak

Digital Health Statistics & Facts: Market Size, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts

Technology plays an important part in healthcare system modernization. The issue is becoming more and more relevant due to the lessons learned from the pandemic, aging population, and governments’ efforts…

Volodymyr Fedorychak

33 Best Mobile App Ideas to Create in 2022

The total number of mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play store continues to grow. Developers’ revenues show a positive trend as well, and we don’t expect any…

Petro Kovalchuk

6 Benefits of Custom Software Development for Business

Digital transformation keeps penetrating all areas of our lives. This direction is crucial for business because investments in new technologies have always been among the ways to develop it, improve…