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ASP.NET Zero is an Effective Solution for Creating Web and Mobile Apps

Development Workflow
ASP Net Zero framework

Software outsourcing involves working on various projects of different complexity and creation of products for customers from a wide range of business areas. Our work is always based on an individual approach to the client, since it doesn’t always make sense to write components from scratch, if you can use a high-quality, ready-made framework.

That is why there were situations when we used ready-made CMS and frameworks based on .NET C#. What are the benefits to the customer? There are two main reasons:

  1. A possibility to reduce the time spent on development and accelerate the release;
  2. Accordingly, it implies significant budget savings, which is no less important.

Ready-made, out-of-the-box solutions were further expanded and adapted to the individual needs of a particular client.

We tested more than twenty various frameworks and CMS, and decided in favor of ASP.NET Zero.

What is ASP.NET ZERO and What are Its Key Features?

ASP.NET Zero is a ready-made solution that comes with all out-of-the-box functionality for most standard web-solutions. In fact, this is a good start for the project where the main functionality is ready and you do not need to spend time developing basic functionality and you can immediately proceed to developing business logic and unique solutions.

ASP.NET Zero framework has a clearly organized code structure based on SOLID principles and has Metronic UI, which allows you to get a clean and precise front-end. Also, there is a multi-tenancy implementation (SAAS development), which makes it possible to significantly save on the SAAS solutions development.

ASP Net Zero dashboard UI
Multi-language switcher

ASP.NET Zero has a ready-made admin panel with all the necessary functionality for system and users administering, system logging and writing logs to the database. Dynamic localization allows you to run a project in several countries, and the dynamic UI allows adaptation to different categories of users.

Users chat

The system is based on .Net Framework 4.6.1/.Net Core 2.0 (cross platform support), which means that the project base will function within the most advanced technologies from Microsoft. In addition, there is provided flexibility for further changes and updates. This system now includes a Xamarin mobile application, which is integrated into the backend solution (only for ASP.NET Core (MVC or Angular UI) versions that support iOS & Android).

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The ASP.NET Zero functionality is always the same, regardless of the license type. The only difference lies in the number of products for which the platform can be used. AspNet Zero appslicense price starts from $1999.

Who Should Opt for ASP.NET Zero

Finding the best solution for development is not an easy task, especially for customers who do not have the appropriate technical background. Therefore, we recommend you pay attention to this framework, since its use provides a number of significant advantages:

  • Reduces the project development costs;
  • Speeds up the project development;
  • Good and intuitively understandable front-end;
  • Excellent SOLID-architecture of the project.

ASP.NET Zero is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, which faces the task of quickly and qualitatively developing the project with limited time and resources. However, this does not mean that ASP.NET Zero is a solution designed exclusively for small- and medium-sized projects. It just happens to suit them perfectly. It can easily be adapted for large projects as well, due to unlimited functional expansion possibilities. Data security is also at the highest level, which is crucial for any type of project development.

We have several ASP.NET Zero projects in our portfolio on our website, and you can read about them in more detail:

The framework developers compile a Road Map, taking into account customer preferences, the market, and solution development, which is received by a professional and experienced team of specialists. The objective is to steadily move toward a strong architectural model based on pure code that will provide ASP.NET Zero with the status of being a better basis for most solutions. Lvivity has recently become a Volosoft partner, and we are happy to have the possibility of contributing to the appearance of new, interesting, and useful projects based on this product.

Hopefully this article will help you make the right decision, and if you have any questions, you can always contact us and our experts will provide you with a free consultation.

May 22, 2018

CEO at Lvivity

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