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Why it is Worth Hiring Software Developers in Ukraine

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Ukraine continues to be a top topic in the world media. That makes our country even more knowable around the globe. Unfortunately, it mainly happens due to the hostile military offensive expanding on our territory.

Nevertheless, people all over the world take interest in Ukraine, and now businesses start increasingly considering our country as a potential partner. This fact is quite appealing because everyone who orders services from Ukrainian companies or hires Ukrainian developers (and not only) works for the reconstruction of Ukraine — Hire in Ukraine & Help us Win!

It has never been easy to find experienced software developers. Moreover, constantly increasing competition and the need for digital transformation make it increasingly difficult for businesses to successfully cope with modern trends on their own. Stepping out of the borders of the native country, hiring remote teams, resorting to IT outsourcing, and practicing offshore software development become good options for solving the problem.

By the end of 2021, there were more than 250,000 IT specialists in Ukraine, and local IT companies offered more than 100,000 career opportunities.
Number of developers in some Eastern European countries
Number of developers in some Eastern European countries

Why should companies look for software engineers in Ukraine?

Throughout the last decade, IT services exports from Ukraine have been quite impressive: 20 to 30% of growth annually. The figures lead to the logical conclusion that Ukraine, as an IT outsourcing destination, has several significant advantages over other countries.

What advantages are we talking about? Let me list them in more detail. The most apparent and significant advantages are as follows:

  • A large pool of qualified job candidates. You can find specialists even in a relatively “narrow” niche, and at the same time, you do not have to worry that you will get pressed against the “ceiling” of hiring on the market if your project grows to 50, 100, or 500 people.
  • Team assembly speed. Ukrainian software developers are ready to quickly accept an offer and move on to a new company in a matter of weeks. We have no 2 to 3-month notice period like in Germany or neighboring Poland. This approach is rather significant because businesses can rarely afford to wait a long time for the proper specialist.
  • Industry knowledge. There are many experts among Ukrainian IT specialists, i.e. specialists who have in-depth experience and expertise in certain niche technologies and industries. These are experienced engineers who can successfully implement projects and fulfill tasks of different complexity.
  • Fewer restrictions for employers. It is easier to replace a developer in Ukraine than in France or the Netherlands. This essential fact makes the market more dynamic (for instance, all you have to do is compare the USA vs. Europe in this regard). That is not obvious, but it is in the interests of the job candidates as well, at least when we speak about the qualified ones.

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Developers from Ukraine
  • Adequate payment level. If you compare professionals of a similar level, customers can find a much better coder or IT specialist of some other profile in Ukraine for the same rate than in the US, Western Europe, or the UK. Even in Eastern Europe, rate forks are 10 to 30% higher than in Ukraine.
  • Experience in working with foreign customers. Ukrainian programmers, as a rule, have experience working on many projects. In addition to multilevel hard skills, it allows them to understand the peculiarities of communication and culture of customers in the U.S., UK, Israel and other countries.
  • Taxation levels and living standards. If you pay the same salary to a developer in Ukraine as in the US, you still save up to 40% on taxes, not to mention the cost of living.
  • No legal pitfalls. Most software engineers in Ukraine work as sole proprietors. You can enter into contracts with them without any additional representative offices. This regulation allows you to start working with developers as simply and quickly as possible or test the market even before opening a company in the country.
  • Cultural proximity to Europe. Ukrainian work ethics is closer to that of Americans, the time zone is convenient, and most specialists generally have a good level of English and sufficient technical background. You will enjoy working with such people. 🙂

And finally, here are Google Trends statistics for the search query “Ukraine developers”:

Google Trends statistics for the search query “Ukraine developers”

Well, it is simple — Ukraine is cool. The whole world sees how bravely our army resists the Russian military machine, and all free nations become convinced of the immense importance of freedom and democracy to Ukrainians. The prospects and future of Ukraine as one of the top countries in Europe and the world are obvious.

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July 25, 2022

Chief Technology Officer at Lvivity

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