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Introducing the New Lvivity Website: More than Redesign

Lvivity website redesign

A comprehensive website redesign is not just a change in its look. It also improves usability, refines the technical part, upgrades the architecture, and enhances other things affecting its business efficiency.

While working on the Lvivity website redesign, we considered UI/UX best practices, marketing needs, and modern SEO requirements, focusing on being informative for our target audience: both customers and potential employees. Therefore, it is more than just a design change as such. Actually, it is an opportunity to make everything better in all respects.

Existing Website Audit 

The first thing we did was conduct a full audit of our existing website. We worked to:

  • reveal weak points and things to improve;
  • make a list of types of pages nonexistent on the current website to envisage their design in the new template;
  • analyze the technical part, make a list of errors, and develop a plan to optimize the website performance;
  • make a list of elements requiring a complete redesign;
  • make a list of pages requiring a completely new appearance, etc.



Design System

One of the essential features peculiar to our corporate website’s new design is that we developed a straightforward design system this time. The previous website version had no such feature, and that could pose some potential difficulties in its operation.

The design system is necessary to solve the problem of the unification of multiple elements and simplifies the work, standardizing the UI and behavior.

A design system is a crucial tool that simplifies developers’ future work and helps create the oncoming product’s explicit system and framework. If such a system is unavailable, the result may not just seem blurry or “disintegrated” but also totally unreadable by users. Consequently, it will be much more challenging to convey the proper context to the chosen audience.

Olena Mikula, designer at Lvivity

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Attention to Detail

The new design of our corporate website is characterized by thoughtful elements and attention to detail. Graphics, CTA, texts, interactive elements, and many other things have all been carefully thought out and considered based on data from Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, and other web analytics systems.

Being a designer, I always find the aesthetics and expediency of any detail very important, starting from illustrations and a color palette and finishing with the font size and type. You may not notice an incorrectly used item, but it will definitely either make a negative impression on you or, what is more likely, arouse mistrust of the company or product.

Olena Mikula, designer at lvivity

Website as a Platform

In our new design, we decided not just to change the CMS template but to approach the task as platform development. Namely, we wanted to create a basis and use it, if necessary, to build functionality and construct different types of pages without the need to involve software engineers in this process.

To achieve this, we implemented typical and repetitive elements like custom fields and Gutenberg blocks. They allow us to conveniently manage the content of any page and build it as if in a design mode. This approach significantly increases performance and simplifies the implementation of various marketing experiments.

Focus on Information Capacity and Conversion Optimization

To continue the topic of the marketing experiment, we pursued one of the most significant tasks when redesigning our corporate website — conversion rate optimization. To accomplish this objective, we highlighted our website’s information capacity. At the same time, the pages describing services, projects in the portfolio, and other no less important features were designed as landing pages.




In this article, I have described the main points that we paid attention to while redesigning our corporate website and the concept to which we came as a result. It is a relatively complex process indeed because the technical task alone was represented as a document of more than 70 pages even without excessive detail.

Anyway, we are satisfied with the result and have developed a sound basis for further growth and improvement. I can confidently say that one of the fundamental prerequisites for a successful redesign process is a clear comprehension of the objectives you want to achieve by resorting to it. We always take this approach when working on our customers’ projects as well.

If you are looking for a reliable technology partner to develop a website, mobile app, or any other IT product, we are ready to assist you. Write to us, and let us discuss the details.

June 17, 2022

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