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The Lean-Case business planning and tracking tool
Lean-Case business portal


One Business Case Portal for your entire company. Connect your company and customers to create, manage and track the right plans and gain insights.


10 months




4 devs

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The main challenge was to develop a calculation engine responsible for automatic model calculation. We developed a magical engine some of one alternative to excel based on java programming language parried with Groove language.

Result achieved

Lean-Case is one of the few online resources to create your own startup projects. The website is designed to calculate the profitability of projects. The Lean-Case system was constructed in such a way that it takes into account all economic indicators so that its calculations are still accurate many years ahead.

Therefore, if customers enter maximum information they will obtain the most accurate results as to the effectiveness of the project. One of the advantages of Lean-Case is it’s ability to store large amounts of information about business performance.

  • Plan growth smarter
  • Manage metrics better
  • Take decisions faster
  • Track progress smoother

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