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A collection of posts that don’t have a clear home category, but might still bring some value to you for whatever reason. Thoughts and advice for a wide audience.

Lvivity Team

Lvivity Gets New Five-Star Review for 2022

Today we want to celebrate our latest achievement in that department. This is because we’ve recently earned a new five-star review from one of our clients on our Clutch profile.

Lvivity Team

17 Important Questions to Ask Before Starting a Software Development Project

Enterprise software development requires proper planning, a well-thought-out strategy, and preliminary analysis. This approach allows avoiding common mistakes, as well as saving time and money. Before starting a software development…

Lvivity Team
29.10.2021 Features Lvivity Among the Top Mobile App Development Companies of 2021

For over 8 years, our team has been providing flexible and cost-effective custom software development services to businesses, building long-term customer relationships, enhancing the participation and productivity of our customers…

Lvivity Team

Lvivity is among the Ukrainian Leaders in Software Development for 2020, according to

In their latest report, Clutch recognizes the top 156 software development companies in Ukraine for their industry expertise and ability to deliver. Clutch’s rankings are based on ongoing research. Ukraine’s…

Volodymyr Fedorychak

Mobile App Name Generators: How to Choose a Perfect Name for Your App

Many developers think that choosing a name for a mobile application is no problem at all, and that it will not take long. But those who have dealt with the…

Lvivity Team

Lvivity Earns Clutch Leader Award for Top Ukrainian Development Firms

Clutch, a leading B2B market research firm, placed Lvivity on its annual list of top providers in the Ukrainian development space. This recognition is hugely impactful for our company, and…

Lvivity Team

Lvivity Launches New Website: New Style, Ideas and Capabilities

We are happy to inform you that we have completed the Lvivity website redesign. We have been working on it for the last several months, and now, we are ready…

Lvivity Team

7 Free Online Tools for Mobile App UI/UX Designers

No matter which platform and which technology you use while developing an application, there are lots of tools on the Internet that can help you design its appearance. Actually, the…

Lvivity Team

From playing guitar to hitchhiking and snowboarding – what are Lvivity team hobbies?

Although job takes the most time of the day for an adult, each of us has something to enjoy doing in our free time. We are talking about hobbies –…