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React.JS Development

It is one of the most popular open source JavaScript libraries. It is used to create scalable, interactive and reliable web solutions

Our company offers expert services for React.JS development to businesses using this technology to solve customer problems and meet the needs of end users. React.JS is one of the most popular open source JavaScript libraries. It is used to create scalable, interactive and reliable web solutions.

React.JS is supported and developed by Facebook and Instagram, as well as a whole community of independent developers.

Our React.js Development Services include

React.JS development is well-matched for the needs of small and medium businesses and large corporations alike. Features like easy scalability and application fault tolerance ensure fast web development of varying complexity. In this area, we offer the following services

  • React Web Development
  • Interactive React.Js UI Development
  • ReactJS Migration
  • Maintenance and Support Services

Benefits of React.js for Business

The introduction of new technologies is meant to simplify the life of developers and shorten the completion time for the customer. REACT is one of the fastest growing technologies, which has a whole set of advantages

  • React has the ability to build productive and fast solutions for the web
  • The site can be broken down into separate modules, which simplifies its support and reduces the impact of a single component on the entire system
  • Based on the React.JS infrastructure, one can develop interactive and beautiful user interfaces
  • Built-in SEO functions allow the creation of web applications that are well suited for further search engines optimization down the road

React has many other advantages, but even without them, there are more than enough reasons to start using this framework in your web development.

Lvivity is a reliable technology partner focused on building long-term relationships with customers. We are responsible for the fulfillment of the tasks entrusted to us, and we do our best to ensure that your cooperation with us is a pleasant, effective and mutually beneficial experience.

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Our Clients

IT Consulting Firm
Project Lead
Lvivity’s work has been instrumental in the client’s business continuity. They’re hardworking and quick to respond to issues. Diligent and punctual, the team puts in extra work, and they’re very flexible. Their ability to integrate with the client’s team and their excellent work ethic stand out.
Development Company
The client is happy with Lvivity’s flexibility, which has allowed them to work directly with the developers. The team doesn’t generate a lot of overhead costs, and they communicate effectively through Skype. Their willingness to follow the client’s management is key to the partnership’s success.
Robert Mundinger
Founder, TheMap
Lvivity provided my company with outstanding technical skill and professional conduct in regards to expectations, timelines and deliverables. Lvivity helped me scale my product exponentially and has been a trusted partner in our efforts to release a truly fantastic product.
Patrick Kellenberger
CEO, SpreadIt
Lvivity offers a development service unlike any other. Not only do they have an incredibly diverse skill set but their project management and creativity when it comes to complex problem solving separates them from any other developer's we have worked with. It takes a unique set of dev's to be able to think about the larger problems and then scale that problem back down to a dev solution. We will continue to partner with Lvivity to help us sustain and grow our business.
Eckhard Ortwein
Managing Partner, 4-Ventures GmbH
We chose Lvivity because we we were looking for a partner that would be able to understand our complex requirements regarding both, high-end user interfaces and complex back-office requirements. Lvivity is constantly meeting our high expectations. We are reaching project goals in time, budget and quality. We are going to market based on a very trusted relationship.
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