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A traineeship gives you a real work experience with real responsibilities for a specified period of time.

We know how difficult it is for young specialists to start their careers. At Lvivity, you can take a free traineeship program which includes 2 months of work and training directed by experienced developers while participating in test and actual projects.

Based on the internship results, our company analyzes the participants’ work and may offer them to become its employees.

We are ready to start collaborating when it is convenient for you.

Advantages of internship at Lvivity

Real Tasks

You will not just watch the work from the sidelines but will be able to solve current issues allowing you to gain practical development skills.


Our colleagues who are experienced specialists with technical expertise will assist you. You will be able to work in an environment full of support, not competition.

Individual Approach

The work in a small group will ensure an individual approach to each student. You can choose a convenient work schedule to combine your internship with education.

Step Towards Success

Having completed your internship, you are ready to work on commercial projects. Some students who successfully complete the internship will become Lvivity employees.

Who are you waiting for?

We are happy to see beginner developers and students, who want to make advancements with Lvivity, can speak English and possess theoretical knowledge of the technology chosen.

You can submit your CV and clarify details by sending an e-mail to

In your cover letter, please provide the following information:

  • educational facility, specialty, and year of completion (if you are a student);
  • your technical skills, technologies, and tools with which you have working experience;
  • your English proficiency level.