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Custom UI/UX Design Services

If you are in search of a UX/UI design company, you’ve come to the right place: our team uses the latest UI-UX practices to deliver a top-notch product - from inspirationally simple to provocatively vibrant.

High-quality design inspires confidence in the product and urges users to interact with it more often. We know how to make user-friendly and beautiful design for web and mobile apps, and we realize well enough why it is important to engage the user in effective interaction with a product.

However, it is not just appearance that matters. Skillfully working with the project’s information architecture, we design a truly usable and intuitive interface.

UI/UX design services we provide

We deliver full-cycle of the design creating process for your business needs

Mobile App Design

A mobile app with an attractive design and good UX has a much higher chance of becoming popular. Starting from an icon and finishing with navigation design, every UI/UX element is important. This makes mobile app design development one of the key stages of product creation.

Web Design

We follow the trends in the design area, and our work objective is to make your website an efficient and functional tool for your business, helping you reach your set goals. We adhere to the position that a website has to perform its functions. Therefore, we create not just a beautiful image but a comprehensive working tool.

Product Prototyping

Prototyping is one of the important steps in the process of product or web-service development. It is used for hypothesis and custom scripts testing. The prototype also allows getting feedback from users at an early stage of product development.

How We Create Design: Working Stages

Signing an agreement

The list of works to be performed, guarantees and liabilities are stipulated in full on paper, both parties sign the agreement, and we start working on your app.

Requirements definition

Based on the tasks, the product has to solve, and business requirements to it, we compile a custom design requirements specification. At this stage, it is imperative to initially consider even the tiniest details to avoid unnecessary editing in the future.

Work on design

At this stage, it is necessary to choose the appropriate color scheme for the product, as well as draw the general concept, individual screens, original icons, and other elements.

Design creation and approval

The design development process is iterative, and at each stage, we consult with a customer on any issue we may have. If necessary, we make alterations in the project and finalize the design based on customer feedback and product purposes.

Project handover

You get the project, all source files, and documentation (if necessary) on it.

Pros of working with Lvivity

We do not just create UX design — we offer efficient solutions to help you achieve your business goals. We have enough resources, expertise, and experience to implement a project of any complexity.


Your product will stand out from others, and at the same time, it will be developed using the best practices.

Extensive work experience

We have dozens of developed and operational products in our portfolio, and our customers actively use them to reach their business objectives.

Well-trained team

We create app design holistically, involving both developers and other specialists.

Favorable approach
to customers

At each stage of our work, we stay in touch with a customer, pay heed to all preferences and comments they may have. We promptly carry out all the necessary alterations and deliver the projects on time.

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