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Web App Development

Our company offers complete range of custom web development services for small business and startups based on advanced technologies and platforms.

We are focused on the development of high-quality web applications for a variety of business challenges. Understanding of your essential goals is important for us in order to help you with their successful implementation. Nowadays, the whole world became a single market and web technologies make it possible to take full advantage of opportunities presented there.

Opting for our custom web development service means that you get responsive web applications created with the most relevant and reliable techs. And it does not matter whether it is a simple website or enterprise cross-functional system.

Web development services we provide

We deliver full-cycle of the web development process, from raw idea to scalable product for your business needs

Custom Web Development

Individual solutions provide you with an important advantage of full compliance with your business needs. We utilize our expertise and technology solutions to develop functional and interactive web applications that focus on pursuing objectives you set yourself.

Front-end and Back-end

This combination is necessary to create a complete and fully functional web application. We use the best industry and engineering practices to develop the project’s UI/UX, administrative and server parts and make them execute functionality that exactly corresponds to the client’s needs.

Web Portal Development

From a concept and strategy to design and integration – Lvivity develops web solutions for businesses, from small companies and startups to large corporations. Our end products are easy-to-maintain and easy-to-upgrade, and it will not require huge budgets and resources to expand your web functionality in the future.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise web applications allow you to manage and record the internal and external operations and processes of your company. We comprehend well enough how important scalability is for business. Therefore, we pay much attention to the code architecture, its quality, and optimization compliance.

Benefits of working with Lvivity

7+ years of rich experience

Each member of our team is a professional in the niche, and all together we are able to develop projects of almost any complexity, without lowering down the quality standards.

Full-cycle development

We have created a well-coordinated mobile application development system, keep you updated on the job progress, and provide technical support for the application throughout its entire lifecycle.

Custom solutions

We approach each project individually and develop the very solutions which will help our customers achieve their goals. You get the opportunity to invest your funds with maximum efficiency.

Cooperation transparency

Cooperation transparency and its maximum efficiency are the key principles of our work on the business application development services market. We value our customers’ trust and focus on our long-term cooperation.

Performance and Scalability

Technologies always keep advancing, and this fact must be kept in mind when developing software. That is why Lvivity creates flexible software architecture, taking into account the load growth in the future and scaling potential.

Result-oriented services

Our customers’ needs are our priority concerns. That is why we strive to provide our customers with high-quality code and timely execution of orders. That is why each project is considered to be completed when our customers are satisfied with its final results.

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